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The phrase “there is power in numbers” is true for many things, but this is especially true for a business owner. Knowing how many people are supporting your store or restaurant is a key factor in evaluating your business’ performance, creating revenue projections and determining what marketing techniques are the most effective.

There are four main reasons you should consider installing a people counting system.

People counting systems are especially useful during holiday sales times to make sure the stores are not overcrowded and also to monitor traffic flow inside the store. Once the shopper is inside a store, a people counting system with heat mapping technology can be used to see how they shopped, which ways they traversed the aisles and what displays they lingered in front of and for how long. This technology is especially useful when testing out new floor and display configurations and other in-store promotional tools, like digital signage. Knowing how shoppers flow through your retail space will help you ensure that you have displays with the most sought-after items at the front of the store or in an easily found location.

One of the most basic functions of a people counting system is to tell you when people enter and exit your business and at what times. After using this technology for a week, month or a year, you can establish a pattern of what days and times the store is the busiest and schedule your staff accordingly. This will help ensure that you have enough employees in the store to properly staff every area.  That way, no one is unassisted or unmonitored during peak hours, and resources aren’t being wasted by having too many employees on the floor during slow shifts.

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